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A Bug Sized Studio:

Posted On: December 8th, 2013

Last night an interesting looking bug came to visit us. My sister caught it in a cup and wanted to get it outside immediately but of course the photographer in me said "Wait! I have to get a picture of it first!". The lighting in our apartment isn't the best at the moment; so cue the search for lamps and flashlights! Little to the poor bug's knowledge he became my model for the night. I turned our floor into a bug sized studio environment with my own lights. I proceeded to get shots with many different types of lighting. First I shown one light source directly on the bug.

Another lighting technic I used was a single light source from the side.

I also experimented with the distance of the light source and the flash on my camera.

Finally I used multiple light sources including from both sides and a spot light.

Experimenting with lighting on a smaller scale allowed me to see the bigger picture. I could step back and move a light source and be able to see what it did to the picture. This experience will help me the next time I go into a studio setting. Thank you little bug for your modeling services!

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