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Angles Matter:

Posted On: December 1st, 2013

Improv shoots are always fun! An upside to an unplanned shoot is anything can happen. The downside is anything can happen. Luckily for me this improv shoot that involved a friend and a pile of leaves resulted in a couple good shots and a few lessons in photography. The biggest lesson I learned? Angles do matter. Especially when shooting into the sunlight. The slightest change of an angle can completely change the picture.

Photo #1: The image is back-lit but with plenty of light on the face. Photo #2: A slightly lower angle exposing the sunlight results is a dark picture but with his face highlighted by the sun Photo #3: Angle from above results in plenty of light on his face and also some nice highlights on his hair. Photo #4: Low angle directly into the sun results in plenty of light and his face, highlights, and sun rays. Photo #5: Low angle with the entire sun exposed results in too dark of a photo.

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